Leave Your Financial Struggles Behind

Are you ready to start fresh on a path of creating freedom, independence and a healthy relationship with money?

When you have a negative financial blueprint, you can experience the following problems:

  • Avoiding looking at your bank account or ‘dealing with money.'
  • Making “just enough” to get by, no matter how successfully your career or your business is going.
  • Feeling as if there is an invisible glass money ceiling keeping you from achieving success.
  • Stressed out by the endless squabbles you and your spouse/partner have about money.

But you can change this.  You can press reset on your money story and start seeing changes today!

By taking Discover Your Money Blueprint with Sacred Money Archetypes, you will discover:

  • What makes you tick when it comes to money.
  • What your core money strengths are (and how to use them to make more money in your business or life).
  • What your challenges and unconscious blocks are so you no longer fall prey to unconscious, sabotaging behavior.

You deserve financial success.  Don't wait any longer to start having the financial freedom you deserve!

Course curriculum

  • 2

    The Sacred Money Archetypes Assessment

    • Taking the Assessment

    • Sacred Money Archetypes (SMA) Assessment

    • Breaking a Tie

  • 3

    Start Learning Your Blueprint

    • What Is Your Blueprint Comprised Of?

    • The Ruler Archetype

    • The Accumulator Archetype

    • The Connector Archetype

    • The Alchemist Archetype

    • The Maverick Archetype

    • The Celebrity Archetype

    • The Nurturer Archetype

    • The Romantic Archetype

  • 4

    Working Deeper with Your Archetypes

    • Your Sacred Money Archetype Worksheets

    • Download Your Worksheets

    • Learning More About Your Personal Archetypes

    • The Shadow Archetype

    • Using the Worksheets

    • Exercises for Growth and Success

  • 5

    Next Steps

    • Where to Go Next

Social proof: testimonials

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by Pam H.

This helped me identify some of my more precarious money mindsets, and helped me shift my perspective of my old money story. I am now ready to go with new money goals and new skills around managing money, with a strategy to make it happen.

So, are you ready? Sign up TODAY, because pressing reset on a fresh money story is going to help you make more money, end those arguments with loved ones. feel better about yourself, and improve every aspect of your life!


Certified Life and Leadership Coach

Kandice Den

Kandice is the founder of Be the Light Coaching. She had been a passionate instructor, coach, and consultant for over 25 years. She has worked with CEO's, ultramarathon runners, and entrepreneurs to help them craft a mindset for success. Kandice now works privately with professional women to help them achieve the success they desire. She also works with corporate leaders to help them be confident in their leadership roles and to create cohesive, successful teams.